The Goodman Disc Plug is the fastest, easiest and most economical method to stop the flow of gas from ruptured gas service lines, or when repairing service lines up to 4" in diameter. It can also be used to plug the ends of abandoned lines to prevent the seepage of residual gas. The Goodman Disc Plug is constructed using a steel shaft left hand male thread on one end, and four heavy gas resistant rubber washers backed on each side by steel plates and separated by spacing tubes, locked into position on the shaft with a steel nut. 

The Disc Plug is pushed into the pipe with a T-Handle wrench threaded on the end of the Plug. Internal cleaning or deburring of the pipe is not necessary, as the Disc Plug washers are designed to create a wedge-like cupping action in the pipe. After installing the Goodman Disc Plug, the T-Handle wrench is unscrewed and removed, allowing the end of the pipe to be repaired. 

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Made from white wood or birch. Sizes ½’ to 4” carried in stock. Sizes 6” and up are carried in stock and are made from number one white wood or birch. Pieces are properly glued together and will not split or crack. They are equipped with eyebolt and ring to facilitate handling.


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