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The Goodman Stopper, used since 1897.  Look for the name "GOODMAN" on the Locking Sleeve. It is the mark of reliability.

The Goodman Stopper, used since 1897. 
Look for the name "GOODMAN" on the Locking Sleeve. It is the mark of reliability.


The GOODMAN STOPPER was placed on the market in 1897 for use on distribution mains. It has been used in all parts of the United States and in many other countries.

It is made by men well trained in the art of making stoppers; some with more than forty years experience. The best quality materials are used in its construction.

Improvements made from time to time have resulted in easier manipulation. The Z-Handle simply, surely, and quickly places the Stopper in the correct position and the Patented Locking Sleeve locks the Stopper in the pipe and makes the shut-off secure against jarring. 

Perfect operation of the Stopper is assured when the directions given are faithfully adhered to.

Made in All Sizes 3" to 48"

NOTE: Above stoppers can be reconditioned at the factory, when necessary.




In the GOODMAN-PEDEN STOPPER the flexible frame, padding, covering and diaphragm of the Goodman Stopper remain in principle, but the handles have been discarded. In their stead, a new arrangement in construction makes it possible to operate the Stopper mechanically, rather than by the experience and skill of the workman. Made in standard sizes. Special sizes to order.



A stopper for low and intermediate pressures, that can be used on cast iron, steel, oversize or undersize mains. Please specify type and I.D. when ordering. The Gardener-Goodman Stopper is easily inserted in top, bottom or side of main, in open excavation or under pavement. Always use two or more stoppers in parallel with a vent pipe between. This stopper is available in sizes from 2" to 48". The inner bags may be made of Natural Gum Rubber or, in special applications, Nitrile Rubber. Covers are made of Polyester Fabric and may be made flame resistant on request.